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17 years ago, designer Tetyana Chumak created one of the first Ukrainian mass-market clothing chains TAGO, which has been reformatted over time and is still developing as a local clothing brand TG.

The main rebirth happened to the designer’s favorite thing when the first lockdown happened. It was during this difficult time for the whole world that Tatyana, like many others, decided to return to her roots and created TG Botanical – TG's "little sister": a clothing line for which technology and nature are in tune.

For Tatyana Chumak, the creation of this brand is not only an opportunity to keep in touch with the family and their business (her dad has been farming all his life), but also a desire to show the whole world that locally produced clothes can and should be environmentally friendly. Family values transmitted to Tatyana by her parents determined her business method and demonstrated the importance of the community for the success of any business. Thanks to the occupation of her family Tatiana have an opportunity to research technologies for the production of fabrics from nettle, flax, hemp and control the manufacture of products from the moment the first sprouts appeared on the moist soil of the Ukrainian field. TG Botanical team uses experimental techniques for dyeing fabrics with plant pigments obtained from tansy flowers, acorns, onion husks and coffee beans. In addition to a conscious approach to Tatiana’s business, she also thinks about her role as a woman-leader, about the hardworking Ukrainian women with whom she was lucky to work, as well as about all those who have great potential, but have not yet dared to reveal it. There are 30 talented women in her team. Their tenacity and dedication bring a smile to the face and a sense of gratitude every day. The close-knit team was exactly the key to TG's success.

For the first time on the international scene, the TG botanical line was presented on February 3, 2022 as a part of the official schedule of Copenhagen Fashion Week.

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